Research Team

Research in the Basic Theory of Education

Since the1980s, Professor Wang, Daojun and Professor Guo, Wenan have put forward the theory of subjectivity education, which provides a solid theoretical foundation for emphasizing the students' subjectivity in the teaching reform of education. In recent years, based on psychology, information technology and other multi-disciplinary forces, a group of young and middle-aged scholars like Wang, Kunqing, Tu, Yanguo, Guo, Yuanxiang, Chen, Youqing, Du Shizhong and Zhou, Zongkui inherit the wisdom and innovate: they explore the subjectivity of students, the subjectivity of teachers and the way of teacher-student interaction, and deepen the subjectivity theory in aspects of ontology, knowledge theory, value theory and methodology of education.

Education Policy, Governance and Think-tank Research

In areas of compulsory education, rural education, teacher education, and other countries major strategies, faculty of School Education have produced a batch of influential research achievements, put forward a series of education policy recommendations, contributed to the relevant education policies and regulations, and promoted the education reform and development process in China. The scholars in this area include Fan Xianzuo, Zhou Hongyu, Lei Wanpeng, Chen Bin, Shen Guochang, etc.

Research on the Change of Learning and Teaching

To meet the needs of information age, researchers adhere to the education standards, highlight the human subjectivity, integrate information science, psychology, management and other disciplines, explore the mechanism of how to deeply integrate information techno1ogy and education, study ways to adapt to learning and teaching theory, mode and method in the information age, construct a service platform for big data, carry out research in network cognition and psychology, learning behavior analysis and evaluation, and intelligent learning and its application, and explore and innovate information-based teaching mode to promote the reform of learning and teaching in the information age. Researchers work together and have tentatively found a new path of education development with Chinese characteristics regarding the integration of information technology and education.

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